Discover Powerful Ways to Engage Your Employees and Customers

Capitalizing on the Human Factors that Drive Success

Our management development programs and performance consulting services are designed to develop leaders at every level who increase employee and customer engagement.

Research has shown that companies with high employee engagement have:

Our approach to training is smart because…
  • It’s relevant.
  • It’s fun!
  • It’s learner-centered.
  • It’s proven.
  • 40% higher profits
  • 70% higher productivity
  • 86% higher customer metrics
  • 70% higher safety
  • 70% lower turnover

Smart Development training programs have a proven track record of equipping companies to achieve their growth targets. We've accomplished this by designing and delivering fun, unique and memorable training programs that focus on the human factors that produce business growth.

  • Our learner-centered approach develops leaders at every level who make smart decisions to grow the business.
  • Our state-of-the art professional and management training develops engaged employees who create world-class customer experiences.
  • Our dynamic retail sales training produces floor associates who sell products, services and foster customer loyalty.
  • Our sales management training enables any service business to develop and inspire top sales representatives.
  • Our production and distribution development programs deliver bottom-line results. These fun, memorable and unique programs help managers boost productivity, teamwork and morale while reducing costs.

Contact us to discuss your organization and your human resource development needs. Do you need to develop a new group of leaders? Maybe you have a manager who would benefit from the personal attention that comes from executive coaching. We tailor our programs to your organization. Some clients need their own corporate “university” programs to develop leaders from within to manage their expansion goals, others simply needed more expertise in a single subject, e.g., interviewing or conducting performance reviews.

We are flexible and can work with almost any organization. We work hard to stay cost-effective and efficient. Call us today to discuss your group's challenges and learn more about our SMART approach to leadership development.

If you grow your people, your people will grow your business.
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